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Hey, what’s up? I’m Anirudh Chauhan, the founder of Technocratvilla, and if you ever asked yourself:
  • "What's going on in the tech-world?"
  • “How can I keep myself updated with the latest tech-trends?”
  • “What are those tips and tricks which can my life easier?”
  • “How do these gadgets work, what's unique them?”
  • “What are those stats and facts which I never knew?”
Or if you’ve ever just wanted to know about what's going on around you in the tech-world then
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"Technology is just a tool... Keep yourself updated, you never know, the technology surrounding you becomes outdated tomorrow !!!"
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About Anirudh Chauhan

Founder @Technocratvilla.com

Technocratvilla was founded by Anirudh Chauhan. Anirudh is a Software Developer and Music Enthusiast. He is currently doing is Masters in Computer Science at The State University of New York - Binghamton.
Along with developing several web applications and building open source projects  in various niches, he’s also working on what he loves most: Blogging and Photography.
You can meet him and share your thoughts on FACEBOOK, or just have a lovely debate on TWITTER, or View is Professional Profile on 24SESSIONS / LINKEDIN or simply meet him on INSTAGRAM and appreciate his love for things surrounding him.

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