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Hey Guys,

In this edition, I'd like you to introduce to one of the most convenient ways to order your college transcripts.

Whether you are applying for higher studies, jobs or for personal records, you need to have a transcript and collecting a transcript from our college is not an easy task.

Trust Me! I've gone through this, and not only me, millions of other students go through this exhausting process every year.

But not anymore, a group of brilliant people have found out a solution to this problem (and one happens to be my dear friend... Cheers! )

Mail Transcripts” is a startup which takes your responsibility of collecting transcripts from the university into their hands so that you could focus on other tasks of admission process and application.

As stated on their website, “According to an estimate, approx. 5 million students graduate in India every year and approx. 1.7 million out of those are just engineers. In a country which produces millions of graduates every year - engineers and doctors alike, there is no digital online process to get transcripts for most of the universities.”

Finally, someone came up to and took this initiative.

So, how do this work?

Well the idea is pretty simple.

1. You provide them with your details along with some college info.
2. They’ll do all the stuff in between which you need not bother.
3. And Hi5! Your transcripts gets delivered at your location.

A couple of my juniors have tried it and they found it extremely convenient.

For starters, as they say on their Facebook Page, “There's free delivery to any place in India since the mail guy is on our side”, you can relax that the postman would not ask you for extra money after seeing your Big Packet, now that’s a money saver!

The feature which I found interesting is that they also deliver to any university in the world you are applying for and you can track the status on their website. Now no more worries.

Also, they offer you some valuable tips from their career guru for your future endeavors, now that’s what we call a giveaway!

You don’t have to sign in and do the regular stuff, you can track your order on their website with your Email and Application ID.

So, if you are planning for higher education / visa / immigration / education evaluation, visit their website now!


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