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Hey Guys, after a month long busy schedule here I’m back to share this incredible feature of Google which I recently used to book my flights and it was worth it. 

Let me introduce you to Google Flights, it’s a feature to find flights that meet your needs easily. When you’re planning to travel, whether you have a specific destination with dates in mind or not. Google Flights has everything you need. 

Forget the old websites that claim “Cheapest Flight Tickets”, Google Flights now gives you the optimized results after searching all the websites present on the World Wide Web today. 

In 2011, Google purchased ITA, the company that powers airline comparison shopping for sites like Travelocity, Priceline, and Expedia. Their intent was to incorporate flight searches into Google, and that's exactly what they did. 

Though this feature is not new to the internet world, but now it has become much better with some additional features like looking for those flights having a free Wi-Fi and stuff like that. 

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Search new places to visit through Google Flights

Google Flights helps you quickly and easily explore flights and book your trip with just a few taps. Access Google Flights at, or type directly in Google Search to see flights right in your search results. No need to download those extra apps whether you're searching on your desktop, tablet or phone, you can quickly plan and book your trip with Google Flights. 

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Google Flights even tell you the best tips to plan your travel

Google Flights show you a simple list of convenient flights along with low prices and you can also explore travel options and finally plan and book your tickets with ease. Google also shows you many tips on how to save money and easily see which flights are the best trade-off between price, the number of stops and the duration of the flight. 

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Google Flights also displays the results in form of a bar graph to have a better a comparison

The list doesn't stop here… 

Google has also partnered with data provider Routehappy to bring information about Wi-Fi, power sockets and even legroom to its flight search tool. You can now see details about a whole range of amenities right alongside times and prices when you search for a route. 

The data compiled by Routehappy covers aircraft model, seat type, cabin layout, integrated entertainment, power sockets, Wi-Fi provision and fresh food availability, though not all of this information will show up on your next Google flight search. 

Google Flights extra features -
Google Flights displays all the info which would make your travel comfortable

You can also change the currency of the displayed flight prices. This includes the flights in the result list as well as the map at 

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Google Flights displays the fare in your currency

Google Flights has a bunch of new features.  Try it out now Google Flights and share your experience below. Would love to hear from you.

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