Microsoft set to release new browser "SPARTAN" on January 21

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As the much awaited Microsoft 10 is set to release on January 21, 2015, we are expecting many new features along with a completely new browser, initially code-named as "SPARTAN". 

Yes you heard it right

This time there will not be an IE 12, as Microsoft will continue with its Internet Explorer 11 but will also release its new browser along with IE 11. 

 No IE 12 in Windows 10 - Technocratvilla

While Microsoft has declined to answer direct questions about how much Windows 10 will cost. The new browser is currently under development at Windows Headquarters in Redmond, Washington. A formal brand name for it has yet to be announced. 

 Windows 10 Technical Preview - Technocratvilla
Windows 10 Technical Preview

According to the sources, Spartan will use both Microsoft’s Trident page rendering engine and its Chakra Javascript engine. 

Spartan is expected to be lighter and quicker than Internet Explorer 11; it will include proper extension support as well. Several reports suggests that the new browser will look and feel like Chrome and FirefoxIt’s also supposed to come in desktop and mobile versions for inclusion with both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10. 

Here's an exclusive Preview of Windows 10 Cortana on Desktop.

Stay Tuned.

 Windows 10 Official Invitation - Technocratvilla

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