Control your Garden with imPoolse

imPoolse -

A new venture by some really interesting guys which will empower every garden or swimming pool passionate owner to manage his:
  • Garden watering
  • Garden lighting
  • Swimming pool (pH, chloration, filtration...)
  • Water comsumption
  • And much more...
Right from his smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones Stats And Facts

Here are some amazing facts and stats about smartphones which would surely astonish you. 

This includes everything from iOS and Android and the time it took to reach the global audience along with some amazing stats from the mobile operating systems's market share and the gadgets owned by different age groups. 

Also, did you know the no. of apps in iOS, Android and Windows ?

Have a look..

7 Things to Consider While Buying Headphones

7 Things to Consider While Buying Headphones -

Hey guys,

After a few months of busy schedule is back with some exciting new content and this time it’s all about headphones.

There are N no. of brands in the market and their prices are highly varied. 

Buying the Right Type of Headphones

Buying the Right Type of Headphones -

These days the electronics market is filled with many devices from various brands and price range and choosing a desired product is very tough, if he do not have a basic idea of the product which we want.

Same is the case in headphones. Choosing the right product is very tough but even headphones have many categories. Here are some which will simplify your queries and further help you choose the right one which suits your requirements.

Before that, lets have a look at some tips before you buy headphones.

Now Get Scented Notifications on your smartphone by Scentee

Scentee Logo -

Did you ever think of smelling your notifications on your smartphone and guessing whether is it an email or an SMS alert or rather waking up by a smell of a coffee ? Well, now that's possible.
Scentee Device -

Scentee, a white, round device that plugs into your phone's earphone jack, releases a small spray of fragrance each time you receive a notification. The device's LED lights also light up with each notification.

After Instagram, Path finally arrives on Windows Phone

Path Logo -

After being delayed by a couple of months, Path for Windows Phone has finally arrived.
Path for Windows Phone -