6 Awesome Cloud Services Worth Trying

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In this edition, I bring to you some of the cool cloud services, which are easy to use and they are FREE !

If you have access to a decent internet connection, you can access some truly fantastic services on the internet for free.These services would cover some of your basic needs.

Cloud services - Technocratvilla.com

Prezi - Technocratvilla.com

create slide shows - Technocratvilla.com

This online service lets you create fantastic slide shows, animated presentations, where words, images and videos work together to present an idea in a virtual 3D space. For starters, sign up for a free account to get 100 MBstorage. Prezi is simple to learn. The best part, Prezi lets you can create an online bio data or portfolio on this site to share with your clients over the internet.

create slide shows - Technocratvilla.com


Soundation - Technocratvilla.com

If you are a music enthusiast and love to create music but don’t have a Pro music software then Soundation gives you your own powerful online studio with its mixers and effects, and over 700 loops and sounds by just signing up for a free account with a 100MB storage. And although it’s free, you still get all the functionality of a professional Digital Audio Workstation.
Soundation console - Technocratvilla.com

Besides, it is an active community where you can post your composition for others to listen and comment. Soundation comprises of a detailed set of how-tos, which will help you create your first composition. So, what are you waiting for? Create your first music and share with us.

Soundation keyboard - Technocratvilla.com


Picful - Technocratvilla.com

Do you want some of your own professional quality photos for your Facebook and Flickr account  but you don’t know how to use image editing software. This is the point where Picful comes handy, this free cloud-based service provides a simple web interface that allows you to apply over 20 photo effects – each one with sliders and colour palettes – to edit your snapshot.

Picful photo effects - Technocratvilla.com

Simply browse your PC and upload the image you want to apply, choose your filter and play around with sliders till you get your desired effect, and hit Save. That’ it! You’re done. You are given a link to download your edited photo, or the option to directly email it to your friends, or share directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Picful photo effects - Technocratvilla.com


Primadesk - Technocratvilla.com

Online storage services are increasing these days and people are readily using it. But the main point is, how to manage various online services? Try Primadesk. 

A free account on Primadesk provides you with 1GB storage and lets you manage up to five online services such as Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive, MySpace, Photobucket, Twitter, Yahoo! Etc.

Primadesk interface - Technocratvilla.com

Understanding Primadesk is very simple, it splits your accounts into documents, emails, photos, and you get a familiar folder pane just like Windows explorer, to transfer or copy files to one service to another. The backup process is also intuitive, and requires only one time setup.

Primadesk interface - Technocratvilla.com


ConvertFiles - Technocratvilla.com
This one is a truly amazing free service. Content – whether its images, audio or video, document, presentation or archive file types, it converts all. ConvertFiles support 335 possible conversions and is frequently adding more formats and combinations.

ConvertFiles: Convert any file

No need to download any special software for conversions. Simply upload a file (max size: 250MB), then choose the format in which you want it to be converted. ConvertFiles does all the dirty and complex processing on its servers and then provide you a link from where you can download your converted file.
ConvertFiles is completely safe, uploaded files are immediately destroyed after being converted – and output files are kept on ConvertFiles server for 24 hours only.

ConvertFiles: Convert any file

You can also provide video links from YouTube, MetaCafe, Mega Video, DailyMotion, and Vimeo, and ConvertFiles will create a downloadable file for you. This is not it, you can also choose to extract the audio file from the video file and convert it into a format like MP3.


Netvibes - Technocratvilla.com

Having difficulty in following your bookmarked websites? Everytime you have to open a new browser window for each website. But with Netvibes, you can eliminate all this clutter. Simply add, the websites you follow by providing their RSS links to generate widgets for each entry.

Netvibes: Provide RSS links to generate widgets

You can create tabs within this service and sort new widgets into sections like technology, sports, business, entertainment, etc. Furthermore, you can also add your Facebook, Twitter and e-mail addresses, to get all the information at your fingertips.

Since Netvibes is cloud – based, it’s safe, fast and you can check your feeds from any PC by logging in with your ID.

Netvibes:check your feeds


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