Why did Nokia choose Windows for its phone and not Android?

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Prototype of Nokia handset with Andriod OS - Technocratvilla.comMany of us keep hearing that Nokia should drop their current idea of sticking to Windows Phone Operating system and opt for Android. On the surface, it would make sense but the bottom line is Nokia's best move is to continue to stick to Windows phone operating system.

The android platform isdominated by one company, Samsung. The Korean based company was responsible for nearly 95% of the profits earned by selling Android flavored smartphones in the first quarter. LG took 2.5% of the profits while the remaining 2.7% was split by HTC, Motorola, Sony and others.

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop once claimed that he has no regrets about his decision to take Nokia full-steam ahead into the world of Windows Phone because he rightly feared that one company would dominate Android. In Elop's mind, trying to challenge the runaway train that was Samsung becoming the leading Android manufacturer was not a good strategy. Instead, Elop took Nokia down a path to become the very thing he feared: the unrivaled dominating party of an operating system.

The difference between dominance in relation to Samsung and Nokia is that Samsung's dominance actually matters. The Korean manufacturer has soundly outpaced rivals HTC, LG, and Sony to the point that Samsung isn't really competing with other Android manufacturers; it has easily outpaced them, it's competing with Apple for overall leadership of all smartphone market share. Nokia on the other hand is focusing on Windows Phone in a distant third place.

Nokia 808 PureView - Technocratvilla.com
Nokia 808 PureView
Windows Phone is on the rise, and Microsoft has outlined a strategy that would most benefit Nokia. Nokia has some other plans with their Windows phone and their biggest USP is the camera on its high-end Lumia models, and is marketing it for all its worth. Additionally, the company is doing well in emerging markets where the low-end Nokia Lumia 520 has been selling like hotcakes. Nokia is also planning to work more on its 41 MP camera phones, with 808 PureView released last year and Nokia Lumia 1020 set to release this year.
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New Nokia Lumia 1020
In the Windows Phone world, Nokia is the top dog. They have the lion’s share of the device sales in the platform, and when you think Windows Phone, you think Nokia. It’s been a rough road, but Nokia are established as the main Windows Phone player in the industry, and in the minds of consumers.

Whatever the consumers think, Nokia is playing a fairly good game with their Windows Phone and there are many high end strategy makers on its side and may have some other plans which we cannot predict right now.

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