Set up expiration date for your tweets in twitter using Spirit

Spirit for Twitter -

Ever thought of setting up an expiry date on your tweets, so that they are automatically deleted after a certain time ?
This is now possible !

Spirit for Twitter -

Spirit for Twitter allows you to do just that with a simple hashtag of how long you would like your tweet to live (i.e. #15m, #12h, #3d).

Whether you’re tweeting about an upcoming event, running a contest on Twitter, or sharing local news that you don’t want to be retweeted after a time, there are numerous ways to benefit from using Spirit for Twitter.

Pierre Lagrain, a former twitter employee, developed an app named "Spirit", and by using this app  your tweets will be automatically deleted after tweet time period elapses.

You will have to sign into Twitter Spirit app with your Twitter account. Grant read and write permissions to the app.

@anirudhlp90 -
This tweet will self-destruct in 3 hours

Use hashtags like #5m (for 5 minutes), #5h (for hours), #5d (for 5 Days) to make the tweets disappear automatically after the set time.

To Revoke the App

Revoke the Spirit app -

Just go to the settings page of your twitter account and click on apps option, Click on "Revoke access" button next to the app, and now you have disabled the Spirit App from accessing your Twitter account.

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