Google's 'Hummingbird' A New Way to Search

Google Hummingbird Algorithm -
Google started it’s celebrations a day before for its 15th anniversary; they released their new search algorithm called the Hummingbird algorithm which focuses on analyzing searches as complex questions.
Google mentioned the new algorithm for the first time yesterday, at an event that was at Google HQ and was put on a bus hosted in the garage.
Quite surprisingIsn't it ?

Amit Singhal, Google senior vice president -
The new engine, called Hummingbird, is the first change to Google's core algorithm since the launch of Caffeine in 2010. Hummingbird, said Amit Singhal, Google senior vice president and one of its earliest employees; affects 90 percent of searches with Google worldwide.
Other things announced include a tweak to Google’s Knowledge Graph to allow it to handle comparison questions, and PushNotifications for Google Now on iOS.
Despite a good amount of questioning from the audience on just how Hummingbird worked, Google avoiding getting too technical.
Google Search Timeline -

The main focus was that the new algorithm allows Google to more quickly parse full questions (as opposed to parsing searches word-by-word), and to identify and rank answers to those questions from the content they've indexed.

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