Mozilla launches its new Firefox OS for smartphones and tablets

Firefox OS -

Mozilla has finally entered the smartphone and tablets markets with its new Operating System Firefox OS which is a Linux-based open-source operating system, the non-profit organization best known for the Firefox web browser.

Firefox OS -

Google launches Chromecast - a $35 dongle to bring the internet to your TV

Chromecast Dongle Logo -

Google's Chromecast was announced on July 24, 2013, a new Internet-to-television device called Chromecast, the two inches long dongle is plugged into a television's HDMI port, and allows users to stream video, share tabs from the Google Chrome browser, or play music from their smartphones, tablet or computer on the bigscreen.
Chromecast Dongle -

Track your friends and family real-time with MapmyIndia's mobile app

MapmyIndia Locate Logo
MapmyIndia Locate -

MapmyIndia Locate -
, which is popular for its GPS navigation and mobile apps has launched  MapmyIndia Locate that would let the users share the location and to stay connected with their friends and family.

MapmyIndia Locate App -

The app helps users identify the location and to stay connected with their friends, family, staff, or anyone else. You can track in real time the location of up to three other users, who will need to approve your tracking request and have the MapmyIndia Locate app installed. Users can either manually check-in to places or the app automatically picks up location every 500 meters and shows it as auto-check in. The app can also get the movement reports for up to 5days which can be viewed on the Android app and also on the mobile web.

MapmyIndia Locate App -

The app uses GPS, Wi-Fi or cell tower triangulation technique, whichever is available, to compute location. In case a data connection is unavailable, the app caches the location periodically, and updates it as soon as the data connection becomes available.

MapmyIndia Locate App -


  • Add up-to three people from your contact list or via email
  • Once your request is approved, you can track your friend or family's movement live on an interactive map as they check-in
  • Locations are automatically updated without draining phone battery even if users don't manually check-in
  • See historical movement reports up to five days with full address mapping
  • Your own movement reports are provided by default
  • All reports are also accessible via a web dashboard at

MapmyIndia Locate App -

The app is available as a free download from Google Play. So get it as soon as possible and this app is exclusively for Android users and is not available on other mobile platforms.

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iOS 7 Has Been Jailbroken

iOS 7 Jailbroken -

iOS 7 has been already jailbroken and its true. Despite Apple’s various attempts to block all the vulnerabilities that make jailbreaking possible with iOS updates, has failed to secure it.

iOS developer Ryan Petrich, who is responsible for popular tweaks like Activator, DietBar, FullForce, and LiveClock, posted a picture of his jailbroken iPod touch, which is running the iOS 7 beta, on Twitter last night.

He didn’t acknowledge the jailbreak and didn’t say much about it. He simply wrote “System version too new?” in reference to an error he received when attempting to run Activator.

And here’s the image which proves all this:

iOS 7 Jailbreak Proof -

Finally, the ultimate question of all the users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: can iOS 7 be jailbroken?



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What else do we want to see in iOS 7?

iOS 7 -

Here's the BIG question, as the iOS 7 comes this fall, there are a lot of expectations from people all around the world for something new and fascinating. So here are some of of those which we would definitely love to see on our iOS devices: 

 1. Improve the lock screen

iOS 7 lock screen -

We would surely like to see some more easy functions which could be done even if the screen is locked but in a more sophisticated way.  For example, a currently playing song is displayed on the lock screen, but there are no controls for pausing or skipping to the next track, until we double-press Home, which isn't easily discoverable. And beyond notifications, nothing else shows up there at all.

2. Make more icons dynamic

iOS 7 Icons -

With iOS, you get update badges and a live calendar. It'd be nice at the least if Apple made its own Clock and Weather icons dynamic which everyone loves to have on their home screens and something more lively such as Windows 8 tiles.

3. Provide App Store demos before buying

iOS 7 App Demos -

Apps and games might be cheap, but too often, people are unwilling to risk 69p on the latest release. Apple should just allow demos: 24 hours from first launch and then you buy or the app won't run or some other way by which people could get to know about that app before ultimately buying it.

4.     Hide  or Remove Default Apple apps

iOS 7 Default Apps -

All the Apple users must be knowing a folder entitled ‘Apple’. This contains some of those preloaded apps with are probably not among those must-apps and we can’t get rid of it.  Some users may be the fans of these apps—Compass, Stocks, Voice Memos, Passbook, and so on but others consider it as junk. Can’t we have some setting to remove or hide these ‘not – so useful’ apps from our device ?

5. Flexible change in app defaults

iOS 7 Apps Default  -

We would definitely want the ability to use non-default apps for important things like email and calendaring. Apple's own apps would
remain the defaults, but we should also be able to pick our own in Settings.

6. Better app management

iOS 7 app management -

Changes are necessary and its good for all of us, and we would love to see how iOS home screens work.  What we would like to see is some improvements to app management: for example, more screens; an alphabetical list of installed apps, which would be perhaps accessible from where we wish.

7. Providing a guest account

iOS 7 guest account -

It’s probably a dream that Apple's  would ever be enable multiple user accounts on iOS devices—they are, after all, designed as extremely personal computers. What is perhaps more realistic is some kind of guest account  which we could switch to when handing our device over to someone for a short while; something similar already exists on the Mac in OS X.

8. More voice options for Siri

iOS 7 Siri -

OS X is blessed with dozens of high-quality voices. People are getting bored with the same old voice and It'd be great if we could choose the voice our device uses to speak.

9. More Power up options for 'Do Not Disturb'

iOS 7 Power Options -

Do Not Disturb is a great feature that enables us to time when our phone will quit bugging us by some useless ads. But we can define only a single schedule, and we want to see alternative options for weekends.

10. Make locking location-aware

iOS 7 GPS -

Locking is a great thing on iOS devices, making it at least a little harder for some someone to get at our data. But it could be more sensitive, i.e. locking on a location-aware basis, and not when you're, say, happily sitting at home.


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9 things you’d probably want to know about Apple's iOS 7

iOS 7 logo -
iPhone -

Apple has a lot to offer this fall with its new iOS 7, some were quickly mentioned when Apple unveiled iOS 7, some can be spotted on the company's website, and some were revealed by developers while exploring software— but all of the following iOS 7 features, due in a free OS upgrade for iPhone and iPad this fall, are likely to come as a surprise.

1. Block  unwanted calls and messages

iOS 7 Features -

Blocking unwanted calls and messages was not available on the iPhone until we’d jailbreak the device and install some third party apps or if we’ve complained to our carrier about harassment from a particular individual. But in iOS 7,  Apple has announced a way "to prevent specific people from being able to contact us."

2. Bigger folders, more icons we can hide

iOS 7 Icons -

Folders are bigger than ever in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. Instead of only having room for 16 apps, folders can contain many pages of apps. In iOS 7, we can finally stash into a folder and not have to stare at it all the time.

3. Smarter, more relevant notifications

iOS 7 Notifications -

The NotificationsCenter consists of three sections in iOS 7 — "today," "all," and "missed. It's a welcome addition to iOS that may keep you better organized.

4. Teach Siri how to pronounce names

iOS 7 Siri -

Those of us with awkwardly pronounced names can finally teach Siri how we want her (or him) to say 'em. Instead of relying just on phonetic spellings, Siri will ask you how you want a name pronounced and then take some time to learn it, 9to5Mac says.

5. Special inboxes

iOS 7 Inbox

Special inboxes built into the Mail app on iOS 7 let you, says Cult of Mac. These new inboxes behave a lot like the VIP inbox already found in iOS — they don't duplicate content, but instead provide another way to view it.

6. Bulk email management

iOS 7 Email Management -

It's frustrating that there's no way to mark a bunch of emails as read on the iPhone. You'll get that ability in iOS 7, say the folks at FastCompany. You'll be able to select multiple emails and mark 'em all as read or unread "in one fell swoop."

7. Livephoto filters

iOS 7 Photo Filters -

Livephoto filtersenables us to add filters to before we snap the pics, the Camera app in iOS 7 allows for live previews. We'll see exactly how the photo will look in black and white or with a vintage filter before you ever even take it.

8. Swipe back through menus

iOS 7 Menu -

Tired of tapping the "back" button to navigate through apps? You'll likely love that iOS 7 lets you swipe back from just about any screen with a "back" button, says Mac Rumors.

9. Bonus: One iOS 7 benefit you can get now

iOS 7 Safari -

iOS 7 adds a neat button to Safari to switch into "private" browsing mode, so we can shop for presents or do other secret stuff, without leaving a history or cookie trail in the browser. But we can already access this "private" mode in the current iOS. Just go to Settings, tap on Safari and flip the "Private Browsing" toggle.


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Everything about iOS 7 - all the latest news

iOS 7 logo -
After its successful iOS 6, Apple had recently launched the all-new iOS 7, featuring a radically overhauled interface, new Control Center, transparent animations and more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the company’s own Worldwide Developers Conference to unveil everything they've worked so hard to keep secret for the past many months.

Devices supported by iOS 7: iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th gen or later.

Apple iPhones -

iOS 7 design

A greater synergy between hardware and software design is something Apple is looking to achieve as it moves towards iOS 7.

We saw the most overt 'leak' of iOS 7 from Apple-loving site 9to5 Mac, before the launch, and it looks like it was bang on the money with the render it created from the preview it was shown.
                                 iPhone -

iOS 7 features

iOS 7 introduces great new features like Control Center, AirDrop for iOS, and smarter multitasking. It also makes the things you do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable. And while many of the apps look different, the way you do things feels perfectly familiar. So from day one, you know how to use the world’s most advanced mobile OS.In its most advanced form.

iOS 7 apps -

Some of the new features available to developers: Inter-app audio, UI Dynamics, 60-fps video capture, 3d Map view etc. 

“With Activation Lock, if a thief tries to turn off Activation Lock, or even if they've wiped the device entirely, they won’t be able to activate it”

Some of the other features coming to iOS 7: Facetime and iMessages blocking, Per App VPN, cross-device notification sync, Tencent Weibo sharing support, and something Apple calls “Activation Lock”

iOS 7 release date

If you're waiting to get your hands on the new iOS 7, it's not good news if you're not a developer: the final release will be available 'in the Fall'.

It's now available in beta for iPhone developers as of today, and will be coming to the iPad in the 'coming weeks'.

iOS 7 Extras

Now here's some interesting stuff you would never wanna miss :

9 things you'd probably want to know about Apple's iOS 7

What else do we want to see in iOS 7?

iOS 7 Has Been Jailbroken


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