Photo albums are stupid. Moju Labs taking it to the next level

Moju Labs -

The company isn't yet talking about its product .

Founded by the former chief scientist at PayPal and current entrepreneur-in-residence at North Bridge Venture Partners, Mok Oh says, “We’re always carrying around a device that’s called a smartphone, but it’s really a sensor device and we’re capturing so many things – not just photos, but audio and visual, too”, hinting at what’s to come from Moju. “And on top of that, we’re wearing wearable computing stuff, and quantified self gadgets.”

Moju Labs -

All these things are constantly being used to capture and measure data about you, but this is “dumb data,” Oh explains. It’s information, but it’s not stories. “And what really matters is people’s relationships and stories,” he says.

“Photo albums are so stupid. Timelines are so stupid. Social media posts – not the content, but the way we consume them – are so stupid,” he adds. “It’s all very linear and time-driven, but it shouldn't be that. It should be a collection, brought to together as a story.”

“I think we have a much better chance of success here than anyone else in the world,” he says.

MojuLabs has a very experienced team of entrepreneurs from Google, PayPal, MIT, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon. It’s surely going to take the concept of photo albums to a whole new level.

Moju Labs -

The company is building early prototype products and getting feedback and trying to build a team that has the right culture and tech DNA.

As the tag line of this organisation says: 

We're building wonderfully fun, beautiful, and smart ways to explore and rediscover your precious memories.

Moju Labs -

Lets wait to see what interesting they have in the store for us.

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