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What is a Google Glass?

Google Glass (styled "GLΛSS") is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass.

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It is an attempt to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of your eyes.

Essentially, Google Glass is a camera, display, touch-pad  battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so that you can perch a display in your field of vision, film, take pictures, search and translate on the go.

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What all can a Google Glass do?

Though Google's has its own list of features, a Google Glass can be put up for a number of uses from taking photos and film which require no explanation to using the Google hangout software to video conference with your friends and show them what you're looking at.

You'll also be able to use Google Maps to get directions, although with GPS absent from the spec list, you'll need to tether Glass to your phone.

To do that, Google offers the MyGlass app. This pairs your headset with an Android phone. As well as sharing GPS data, this means messages can be received, viewed on the display, and answered using the microphone and Google's voice-to-text functionality.

That functionality will also bring the ability to translate the words being spoken to you into your own language on the display. Obviously you'll need a WiFi connection or a hefty data plan if you're in another country, but it's certainly a neat trick if it works.

There are rumors that Third parties are also already developing some rather cool/scary apps for Google Glass - including one that allows you to identify your friends in a crowd, and another that allows you to dictate an email.

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Google Glass specifications


Google Glass has the ability to take photos and record 720p HD video. While video is recording, a recording light is displayed above the eye, which is unnoticeable to the wearer.
The side of Google Glass is a touch-pad  allowing users to control the device by swiping through a timeline-like interface displayed on the screen.


Applications (Glassware) 
Google Glass applications (Glassware) are free applications built by third-party developers. Glass also uses many existing Google applications, such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail.
Voice actions
Other than the touch-pad Google Glass can be controlled using "voice actions".

To activate Glass, wearers tilt their heads upward or say "O.K., Glass." 
Once Glass is activated, wearers can say an action, such as "Take a picture", "Record a video", "Hangout with [person/Google+ circle]", "Google 'What year was Wikipedia founded?'", "Give me directions to the Eiffel Tower", and "Send a message to John". 

Many of these commands can be seen in a product video released in February 2013.
Battery life is apparently a day, although that's with the usual "typical use" caveat, which probably excludes a lot of videoing.
The device will sync to your Google Drive in the cloud
Bluetooth and WiFi will be built in, but no GPS chip - so the Glass will probably work best alongside an Android phone, although you can pair with any Bluetooth enabled phone.

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Technical specifications

For the developer Explorer units:
No official information about display resolution, 640×360 suggested, as it is recommended for app developers
  • 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording
  • Wi-Fi 802.911b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • 16GB storage (12 GB available)
  • Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC 1.2Ghz Dual(ARMv7)
  • 682MB RAM "proc".
  • CPU: OMAP 4430 SoC, dual-core
  • 3 axis gyroscope
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis Magnetometer (compass)
  • Ambient Light sensing and Proximity sensor

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How much will Google Glass cost?

The Google Glass Explorer (the developer version being sent out now)costs $1,500.

The consumer versions, which are expected to arrive by the end of 2013, are expected to be a little cheaper, although any actual prices remain speculative.
Google Glass Working - Technocratvilla.com
Have a glimpse of Google Glass below - 

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