Inspired by the Metro Style look, Facebook goes flat and clean

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We can say that it's an another win for Flat Design as Facebook gives its  "f" logo and; other icons a flatter, cleaner look.

With the Metro Style look trending worldwide, Facebook finally decided to have a slight makeover, starting with the main “f” logo icon by flattening the design and removing the pale blue bar along the bottom, which gave the icon a reflective sheen/slight 3D effect, as well as moving the position of the f so it now cuts right off the bottom. The overall effect is a simplified and clean looking design with the f having a bolder look. Facebook posted the new logo as a downloadable resource for journalists yesterday.

The Facebook user profile page and other icons used on various official Facebook pages also getting made over in the same flattened and more visually striking style. These icons including a developers icon, privacy- and security-related icons and a mobile icon, among others. Updates seem to have occurred last week.

Flat design has spread its influence all over the tech industry and its interfaces in recent years — from Microsoft’s flat, tile-based Windows Phone UI, to Google’s product interfaces, to various other apps and websites.

From a usability point of view, flat design can create confusion about which portions of the website or interface are designed to be clicked on, for instance. However when it comes to something as visible as Facebook’s f logo there seems no reason to hold onto the pale blue bar.

According to Facebook’s logos & trademarks guidelines page, the “f” logo can be used for:
  1. Your Facebook Page
  2. Your Facebook Group
  3. An application you offer via Facebook Platform
  4. Your implementation of Facebook Connect
The new Facebook Home logo also drops the lighter blue line, and pulls the f to the edge of the box. Along with the profile page having squared tiles and some flattened buttons and Facebook also has "Live Tile" of their own showing off when we scroll our mouse over the Albums.

Finally, Facebook also had makeover in order move along with the latest fashion.

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