Tips to Boost Your Android Battery Life

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

  Battery life is one of the biggest issues in the Android world today. 
Android smartphone these days are becoming more powerful than ever before. With every new release, hardware specifications are constantly being upgraded to its maximum capacity.  Despite these improvements, there is always one thing that is left behind and that is the phone’s battery. Powerful Android devices such as the HTC One Series and Samsung Galaxy S3, that sports a lightning fast quad-core processor takes a huge chunk of battery to power-up, that even the added battery capacity is still struggling to keep it alive for a single day of heavy use.  It's a pretty sorry state of affairs when we count the uptime of today's smartphones in numbers of hours rather than days. But you should be able to squeeze out a few more hours of life from even the puniest of batteries without compromising on performance too much.Here are some easy, not-too-compromising methods of boosting your Android phone's battery life.

1. Deactivate Wi-Fi & Bluetooth services when not needed

If your phone's constantly sniffing out and trying to connect to every Wi-Fi signal in the area like a robot dog on heat, you're wasting power. Switch off Wi-Fi when out and about or when you know you're not going to be needing it. A Home screen toggle will make this easy.
Switch off GPS

Unless you're one of those people who's still using Foursquare to tell the world about it every time you go out to the shop to buy a packet of crisps, there's little reason to have GPS constantly active on your phone. Turn it on when you need it, and use the option to have your phone detect your location through the wi-fi connection.

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

2. Uninstall unnecessary apps

You can never be too sure what's running itself in the background, what with all the multi-tasking, self-uploading in today's modern Android apps, so at least minimize the chances of something randomly hoovering up all your battery by constantly trying to connect to some non-existent server, by deleting any unused or old app or you can kill background running apps when you do not require actually

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

Trimming your phone’s brightness down to a bare minimum is the best way to increase your battery life. After all, you really don’t need 100% brightness right? Not only it is painful in the eyes but it is also a battery hog. Although they are very useful in direct sunlight or dark places but using this much is just way out of the picture.

Depending on your Android phone, some devices are good at handling with display most especially those that feature Super AMOLED screens, as they are known to have better battery life most especially in handling with black colors.

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

4. Install a brightness toggle widget

Set your phone to its minimum possible brightness by default, as it's your display that's by far the biggest user of power. Then stick a big brightness high/low toggle widget on the home screen, in a place you can find it without being able to see it (like when using your now ultra-gloomy phone outside). Then only max the brightness when you need to. It might help, and even the automatic brightness option uses a marginal amount of power, as the light sensor needs to... sense light.

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla 

5. Keep the Screen timeout short

Found on your phone’s display setting, set your screen timeout to 15 seconds or less if it permits, to keep battery charges down. Every second counts, and those seconds when added up can translate to minutes or hours of proper battery management.

6. Going 2G Mode / Disabling Background Data

Switching to 2G saves you so much on your battery of up to 40%-60%. Much more if you are disabling background connections.  

7. Dump the widgets

Widgets are a key part of Android, do you really need a constantly updating Facebook widget on a Home screen? Widgets like Facebook, news and weather, constantly synchronize data in the background at define intervals. Because of this, your battery can drain as much without you knowing it. Updating widget content puts a constant strain on your battery throughout the day, even if you just activate your phone for a few seconds to check a text message.

Screen animations such as live wallpapers, and widgets are great way to keep your homescreen lively and vivid but at the same time it causes your CPU to use more power. If you are looking for ways to save your battery, you can turn them off or limit them. 

Android Battery Saving Tips - Technocratvilla

8. Use push notifications if possible

Android's built-in email application is great and stylish and everything, but having it poll for messages every 15 minutes isn't the best for your battery. If your mail provider offers push notification support use it - the excellent standalone Hotmail app does, for example, which will help lessen power drain a little.

9. Enable Power Saving Mode

Power Save Mode is a built-in feature that helps users manage their phone’s power saving feature. It will also prevent apps from running in the background and turns off vibration. By default, this feature will start to kick in when your battery drops at 20 percent but you can still reconfigure it. As soon it switches back to Power Save Mode, you’ll notice a big difference.

10. Refresh Rate

Most apps have a certain time after which they refresh to get new data from the server. This includes social network apps, weather apps, stock apps and a host of other apps. These refresh intervals are customizable. Try to have longer intervals so that apps don’t check for updates too often. The more they do, the more strain it will put on the battery since more data will be consumed.

11. Malicious Apps

There are some apps that prevent the phone from going into sleep mode. This means even though the screen goes off, the CPU never really goes into sleep mode and the phone essentially remains on. This has a drastic effect on the battery. To know if the phone goes into sleep or not simply view the battery bar under settings menu. Download apps like SpareParts to diagnose the culprit app. Usually a simple restart of the phone does the trick but on other occasions it’s just bad programming on the developers part.

12. Monitor the usage

Apps like Battery Doctor and Super Tool Box will give you a much better indication of what's literally eating away at your phone's battery over time than Android's own limited battery life checker, which could help finger something that's the key culprit in draining power. And if you can live without it, bin it. Juice defender app – best battery manager for android that improves battery life behind the scenes by intelligently managing the battery-draining components of your phone.

13. Playing Games While the Phone is Charging

Speaking of extreme temperatures, it is not advisable to play games or do unnecessary things while you’re phone is charging. The more you play games the more your battery heats up and together with heat generated by the charging, your phone’s battery temperature will skyrocket. This could pose irreversible damage to your phone.

14. Keeping it cool

Batteries work best in cooler temperatures, with prolonged warm periods gradually lowering their efficiency over time. Putting your phone in a looser pocket might help, or perhaps just gently fanning it while it charges. Extreme temperatures that could reach to 51 degrees Celsius are way beyond than the normal and could likely trim your battery’s life in half. Don’t leave your phone in broad daylight near a window, place it in your pocket for a long periods of time,  or leaving it inside a hot car. Keep it cool as possible most especially during the summer months. The hotter the battery gets the faster its battery life will soon to degrade.

15. Small but useful tips

  • Vibration uses more battery, so turn off when you actually don’t require
  • The default task killers in android is the best
  • If you want to save few more hours of battery, then don’t use Live wallpapers on Android
  • Your flash LED uses battery more than any other process
  • Keeping your emails and other stuff such as contacts with gmail in auto sync will drain your battery soon

These are some tips which I felt which may increase the battery life of android devices. If you have some more tips, feel free to use the comment section.